Welcome To Paddington Honey Co.

We Make Honey.

We are a small family-owned Bee business that raises honey bees and produces local Charlotte honey for sale to our local community. My goal is to raise healthy happy honeybees that pollinate flowers all over Charlotte and produce lots of honey!

I have been keeping bees since 2015 and started Paddington Honey Co. in 2017 when my bees started to produce enough excess honey to bottle for sale. Paddington Honey Co. is named after our beloved Wheaton Terrier that would keep me company while I worked the bees in the backyard. The label was designed and painted by my daughter in the image of Paddington and photoshopped by my son to fit the label.

Through my involvement with several local community gardens and Friendship Gardens I noticed a decline in pollinators from when I helped my parents garden in Mountainbrook and Raintree as a kid. I first started keeping bees to help pollinators and quickly developed a love for the hobby. My love for keeping bees has led to 4 apiaries and lots of bees! I have apiaries in Madison Park, Myers Park, the Uptown Westin Hotel and my newest at the Parks at Ballantyne.

Please help support my small business by ordering truly local Charlotte NC honey produced in my hives by my bees!



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